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As part of the upgrade of the main railway axis of Greece, ERGA O.S.E. S.A. awarded OBERMEYER the final design of the New Railway Line Corinth - Patra, section from km 75 to km 90.

The railway line under design starts from Diakofto railway station and finishes at the western city limits of Aigion - bypassing the existing railway station and the port of Aigion.

OBERMEYER is engaged in the design of the railway line and the restoration of local road network, which will be affected by the construction works of the new line. In addition, OBERMEYER has undertaken the design of a considerable number of structural works, including the preliminary design of the bridge of Selinountas river, with a total length of 175m, with five spans of 35m each.

Due to the significant difference in the piers height, which resulted from the natural ground geometry, the bridge deck is to be seated on bearings, to achieve both the optimum distribution of the seismic forces on the piers and the minimisation of creep effects, due to temperature differences. The increased seismicity of the area and the importance of the project were the reasons for the application of seismic isolation strategy, with the use of reinforced rubber bearings with lead core. The construction of the bridge deck and the stressing of the tendons will be completed in 3 stages. Due to the seismicity and due to the requirement for minimum settlements of the railway tracks, deep-drilled piles will be used for the foundation of the bridge.

It is expected that the project will be tendered in the beginning of 2005.

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