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Athens metro line 1 currently makes use of the facilities of the technical base, which is located in an area adjacent to the terminal station of Piraeus and the port, a plot of significant market value. Operation is dispersed in a number of buildings and is conducted under conditions that fail to reach the standards of other contemporary facilities in Greece and abroad. In addition to that, once the delivery of the new trains is competed, the existing facilities will be inadequate to support the enhanced train fleet.

The Electric Railway Athens - Piraeus (ISAP S.A.), in accordance to the general framework of modernisation and development of its infrastructure, decided for the construction of a new technical base in Piraeus, combined with a further development of the plot.

In 2003 a consortium of consulting engineering companies, led by OBERMEYER, was appointed for the master plan and the preliminary design of facilities, including railway infrastructure, buildings, equipment and road network. The optimum track alignment was the decisive factor for the arrangement of the building units. The operation includes failure maintenance, scheduled inspections, external and internal cleaning of the vehicles as well as train stabling. The total building surface is 17,770m2. and the total railway lines length reaches 3,000m. The project, with a budget of 67.5 million, is expected to be tendered in 2005.

OBERMEYER also provided the master plan for the further development of the plot, which includes alternative development scenarios, urban design and building schedule and road network. In addition to these, a financial feasibility study and an environmental impact study were submitted.

The development study evolved around a number of issues:
  • the optimisation of the produced space in terms of functionality, constructability, aesthetical completeness
  • the maximisation of market spaces without compromising the overall quality of the proposed design
  • the creation of a "city part" in the greater Athens area, which will operate as an important transportation node and will present a comfortable and pleasant space for travellers and commuters, contributing to the international debate regarding the development of transportation infrastructures spaces in city centres.
The master plan includes a number of uses, such as retail - recreation, services - offices, hotel with conventions centre, multi-use spaces and car parking spaces in 75,000m2, building surface, as well as open-air and green areas of 6,500m2. The construction budget reaches an estimated 65 million.

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