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Urban / Suburban railway
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Urban railway
(technical bases)

Transportation projects
Route planning

Road structural works
Railway structural works
Technical consultant and
project management services
Technical consultant for the management and construction of the Olympic Village
Management Consultant for the investment program of O.S.E. for the years 1994 - 1999
Technical and functional requirements for the 'Airport' suburban rail station
In the framework of developing the railway infrastructure along the axis Patra - Athens - Thessaloniki - Promachonas, including both the modernisation of the existing rail network and the development its extensions, OBERMEYER was awarded the project management as leader of an international consortium of consulting companies, with 40%

The aforementioned services were rendered during the years 1996 - 2002 and included route planning, structural works, signalling and telecommunication, slab track, time scheduling and quality management of the project.

This is the largest transportation project in Greece, co-funded by the European Union, and also one of the largest worldwide. The project, with a total budget of 2 billion, has been completed to a significant extent, and various parts of the modern network are already in operation.

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