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Following an international tender, OBERMEYER was awarded the contract to provide services as the Technical Consultant for the Management and Construction of the Olympic Village in Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games. "Olympic Village 2004 S.A." (OV 2004 S.A.), a daughter company of the Organisation of Labour Residences (O.E.K.), was formed for the management of this project. The Olympic Village was constructed in the municipality of Acharnes, in an area of 1,240,220m2 and it accommodated the athletes and their accredited escorts during the Olympic and the Paralympic Games.

OBERMEYER, as the Technical Consultant supports the project at a management, technical and procedural level. Project teams operate at the central offices of the Client and at the construction site. There is also continuous and integrated support from the central offices of OBERMEYER with numerous experts and utilisation of modern communication technologies.

More specifically, OBERMEYER provides services in the following sectors:
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT, with support of the organisational structure, compilation of methodologies and monitoring systems for the coordination of projects contract, agreement management, proposals and corrective actions etc.
  • TECHNICAL SUPERVISION, with general monitoring construction activities, support in claim management, supervision of Olympic Overlays and post-Olympic modifications etc.
  • DESIGN CHECK AND MONITORING, with identification of requirements, evaluation of design, proposals for modifications, implementation follow-up, overview of environmental strategy etc.
  • TIME SCHEDULING, with compilation and monitoring of the overall time schedule, proposals for modifications, monitoring of Olympic overlays and post-Olympic modifications, monthly progress reports etc.
  • ORGANISATION OF PROJECT TAKE OVER, with preparation of procedures and methodologies, documentation of requirements, support of coordination and implementation, organisation and support of Olympic overlays, maintenance during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, monitoring and support of post-Olympic modifications for final delivery, etc.
In the area of the Olympic Village a series of projects under the supervision of OV 2004 S.A. and other entities are being constructed. The projects under the responsibility of OV 2004 S.A. include:
  • The residential zone, which consists of 366 buildings and all the necessary infrastructure networks and their modifications for the use after the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • The green zone, which includes 700,000m2 of communal green with by-belonging outdoor constructions and pedestrian areas
  • The sports facilities, which include sports fields for basketball, tennis, pitching and an athletics track, as well as a swimming pool and two indoor gymnasiums
  • The fire fighting station
  • The international zone, where recreational and service buildings as well centres for cultural events operated during the Games, moreover a religious centre, restaurants, a commercial centre, an Olympic museum and other buildings and offices. A study for the post-Olympic development of the International Zone area is also anticipated.
  • The building complex for the Geological & Metallurgical Research Centre (IGME)
  • The building complex for the Ministry of Labour
  • The Olympic overlays, which include a number of additional installations and facilities, respective modifications to facilities, which catered for the needs of athletes, IOC/NOC officials and visitors during the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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