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The Electric Railway Athens - Piraeus (I.S.A.P. S.A.) is one of the two operators of urban railway transportation in the Attica basin. In the framework of expanding their operational strategy, the company decided for the rehabilitation of all stations of line 1. OBERMEYER undertook in 2001 the design of the 'Faliro' station (architectural, structural and technical equipment design at a preliminary, final and detailed stage), as well as the preparation of the tender documents.

The project, with a budget at 8.4 million, is already completed. The aesthetics of the new station, which was delivered in the summer of 2004, are contemporary and the station is an aesthetical reference point for the surrounding area.

The design aimed at giving the 'Faliro' station a specific identity - and consequently individuality - in its environment. The canopy morphology provides the observer with a dominant reference form: The design is a reference to the vicinity of the station to the Faliro bay, attempting to convey the idea of a flock of seagulls. Each canopy structure is shaped according to the anatomy of a seagull in flight, while the flock of the individual canopies gives the impression of a flock of seagulls of various sizes in flight formation. The position as well as the significance of the project allow and support the idea of using organic forms, an internationally recognised architectural approach.

The new station provides a contemporary environment, with a high comfort level for the passengers. During the Olympic Games and due to the proximity of the station to significant sports facilities, the passenger volume was increased considerably, with a capacity of 26,000 passengers per hour and direction, with trains every 2.5 minutes. The station spaces are wide, protected from the weather elements, allowing the comfortable circulation of passengers and providing all the relevant services.

The operation of the new station is drastically changed: An extended open space with natural light is created at a level above the three platforms. This space assumes the main volume of movements, providing also retail areas. Furthermore, the connection to the sports facilities of the area is implemented at this level. To the southwest, a temporary footbridge, which has been constructed by the Ministry of Public Works for the Olympics, connects the station to the Peace and Friendship stadium. To the northwest, a second footbridge, which was also designed by OBERMEYER in 2003, connects the station to the upper level of the Karaiskaki football stadium.

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