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Urban / Suburban railway
(line - stations)

Urban railway
(technical bases)

Transportation projects
Route planning

Road structural works
Railway structural works
Environmental impact assessment
for section 12 of Egnatia Odos
Environmental impact assessment
for the northern road axis of
Chania - Rethymno
Environmental impact assessment
for the connection of industrial park
Thisvi and Inofyta to the railway line

Technical consultant and
project management services
This project is also known as the 'mediterranean route planning' of Egnatia Odos, with a total length of 42km. It comprises a 1200m long road tunnel and numerous large structural works. The project area stretches between Strymonas junction, situated at the east of the homonymic river at Seres, and Agios Andreas junction, east of the homonymic village in Kavala.

As part of the project, environmental impact studies have been prepared, submitted and approved in all stages. The complexity of the project was mainly related to the position of the road, which passes through environmentally sensitive areas with reference to the land use (archaeological sites, cultivated land, fuel pipes, building settlements). The proposed route planning has the optimum geometrical characteristics, affects only the non-efficient cultivations, does not cut off the farmers from their land and has a minimum impact on the landscape.

The project, with a total budget of 300 million, will be tendered within 2005.

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