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The final design of the Aigion tunnel is part of the project for the new railway line Corinth - Patra, section from km 75 to km 90, which was awarded to Obermeyer by ERGA O.S.E. S.A.

The Aigion tunnel is bi-directional and it lies in the area of Aigion (northwest Peloponnese). The cross-section of the tunnel is of horseshoe-shape, with a radius of 6.05m. The total length of the tunnel is 3520m, with a maximum overburden height of 65m. Out of the 3520m of total length of the tunnel, the 3250m will be drilled underground, while the sections near the portal areas will be constructed using the cut & cover method.

In order to ensure the ongoing operation of the Athens - Patra old national road, the Aigion Tunnel will underpass the road with a cover & cut section. In addition - and due to the significant length of the tunnel - three emergency galleries, with a total length of 850m, will be drilled. During the drilling of the tunnel mainly soil materials are expected to be excavated (silty sands and sandy gravels).

The overall design of the tunnel is such that the effect on the surrounding urban areas during construction and operation is kept to a minimum. Additional care to the environmental impact is paid in the final restoration of the surrounding area.

The construction of the Aigion tunnel is expected to begin within 2005, with a budget of 90m. During the construction phase OBERMEYER will provide to ERGA O.S.E. engineering consulting services.

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