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Urban / Suburban railway
(line - stations)

Urban railway
(technical bases)

Transportation projects
Route planning

Road structural works
Railway structural works
Environmental impact assessment
for section 12 of Egnatia Odos
Environmental impact assessment
for the northern road axis of
Chania - Rethymno
Environmental impact assessment
for the connection of industrial park
Thisvi and Inofyta to the railway line

Technical consultant and
project management services
The designed junctions are part of BOAK, a vital project for the development of Crete. Through the construction of a series of junctions along this road there shall be a distinction between the local and the passing-through traffic load, the national road traffic shall be reduced. Thus, the capacity and the security of the national road shall be considerably increased.

As part of the complementary design of junctions and related works in Chania and Rethymno, situated at the north road axis of Crete (E90), environmental impact studies were drawn up at all stages. The environmental impact assessment for the Amari junction on the new national road Rethymno - Iraklio is already approved. The construction of this junction connects the new national road to Rethymno and Amari, through the regional road and the old national road, ensuring the minimum impact on the developed areas as well as on the natural environment. The junction sections develop close to the road artery, so as to minimise the need for expropriations.

The total construction budget reaches 3 million.

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